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Frankfurt, November, 15th 2005

Kolab wins "Best Groupware Server" Award

Kolab has been given the Linux New Media Award 2005 in the category 'Best Groupware Server'. The jury chose Kolab on top of contenders like Openexchange, OpenGroupware, GroupWise, eGroupWare, Scalix and Lotus Notes. This was revealed during a ceremony Tuesday evening at the LinuxWorld Expo 2005 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Within three years of its existence, Kolab has grown to be a respected groupware that was also mentioned positively in both editions of Migration Guidelines for public administrations of the Germany Ministry of the Interior.

"While the focus is on enterprise users, many others have meanwhile come to appreciate our approach!" says Bernhard Reiter from the Kolab-Konsortium. "It is attractive because Kolab offers a modern, scalable server with a choice of clients for numerious platforms including KDE Kontact and full Microsoft Outlook suport."

The jury consisted of about 200 experts selected by Linux New Media, a publisher of 14 regular magazines about GNU/Linux. The Awards are given out yearly in changing categories to recognise most significant product, project or organisations. Bernhard Reiter was also nominated to be part of the jury for the award, but abstained from any voting.

About the Kolab Konsortium:

Logo Kolab Konsortium The Kolab-Konsortium offers commercial maintenance, support, consulting and development for Kolab. Members are Intevation, erfrakon and Klarälvdalens Datakonsult. Recently a partnership was announced to integrate Kolab into Univention's Coporate Server offering.
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Press Contact:
Jan-Oliver Wagner
Phone: +49 541 33508 55

About Kolab:

Kolab Kolab is a groupware and email solution that integrates proven Free Software components. In Fall 2002 the project started aiming at environments with both, GNU/Linux and Windows desktops. The design allows the integration with other products, e.g. directory and management services like dirActory, GOsa, or LAM.
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