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Documentation for Administrators



Documentation for Users

Each Kolab Client comes with its own user documentation. As most Kolab Clients are enhanced versions of already existing software products, their general documentation is 95% correct on the average. The setup information as Kolab Clients and the modelling choices will give your helpdesk a good idea about the remaining differences. Users and helpdesk staff can re-use most of their knowledge.

For example the general information about the KDE Kolab Client e35, aka Kontact/KMail/KOrganizer from the KDEPIM suite can be reached from within the client pressing F1 or selecting it from the help menu. Selected revisions are online at

Documentation for Developers

Kolab2 Storage Format Specification

Kolab2 Architecture Draft

  • Version Draft cvs20060921 Download pdf (contains changes in the ldap structure from server 2.0 to 2.1, pages 36-39)

    View old versions.

Material for presentations